Jennifer Smith PhD
President, CSO

Jennifer Smith is an inventor of the iCAP and co-founder of PreCyte. She has served as President since November 2019. She brings a depth of experience leading systems biology and data-driven analyses at the Institute for Systems Biology. She has a strong passion for innovation and precision medicine.

John Aitchison PhD
Advisor, Collaborator

John Aitchison is a co-founder of PreCyte and co-inventor of the iCAP. He is a faculty member at Seattle Children’s Hospital and University of Washington. He brings over 25 years of experience in cell and systems biology

Rob Lipschutz PhD
Chairman of Board of Directors, Consultant

Rob Lipshutz is a co-founder of PreCyte and served as CEO until November 2019. He brings over 25 years of experience in molecular diagnostics and business development. He served as SVP of corporate development at Affymetrix and CBO at Institute for Systems Biology. At Affymetrix, he led commercialization and first FDA-approval of Dx microarrays and led four acquisitions.

Rob Lunbeck MBA

Robert Lunbeck joined PreCyte as CBO in January 2022. He brings over 25 years of experience in business development and finance in life sciences and health care. Prior to joining PreCyte, he held positions at J.P. Morgan, Satellite Health care and Allianz Global investors.
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